“Your voice and lyrics touch a beautiful chord in me and the feeling lingers” – Janine


Anne Marie is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, and a late bloomer in music. As a quiet, introvert child she never thought – not even for a moment – about a career in singing or music, but as life takes unexpected turns, Anne Marie has discovered that the world of music suits her sensitivity. It offers new ways for expression and personal growth – first as a singer, then as a vocal coach and finally as a songwriter. “Music tempted me again and again to go a step further outside my comfortzone. There is always something new to learn and to discover – and still remain close to myself.” Anne Marie’s songs are inspired by early 70’s music (Carole King, Burt Bacharach) with harmony vocals, jazz chords and surprising changes.


(single) 2024

New release! Jazzy and uplifting, the song is a bit reminiscent of Steely Dan.

(single) 2023

A melancholy song about the love and loss of a little cat called Brownie.

My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
(single) 2022

A remake of the beautiful Captain Beefheart original

The Long Phrase
(single) 2021

The seasons return but the years keep passing by.

(single) 2021

Title song of the album, about listening to our inner voice inside.

Hold Me
(single) 2021

First single! A groovy song about modern love in classic ’70’s style, with live horns

(album 2021)

11 songs with recognizable themes such as the search for the voice of the heart (Inside), the lost feeling of the introvert at a party (Party Girl) and the lives of women such as Virginia Woolf (Virginia) and Amy Winehouse (Stronger than You).

A very nice album, unique sound and beautiful production.”
Co de Kloet, NPO Radio2 Soul & Jazz

A pleasant Sunday morning album.” Concerto Recordstore Amsterdam

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“I can be fun but not a party girl”

Anne Marie (Annemarie Hilbrands) lives in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. As a young girl, she loved music, but showed no interest whatsoever in becoming a performer. She signed up for English Language & Literature at Utrecht University and specialised in Celtic languages, after which she worked at the Amsterdam Conservatory for a couple of years. This enhanced her interest in singing, but she couldn’t imagine herself standing on a stage and that’s that.

This changes a few years later when she sees a fysiotherapist for her Repetitive Strain Injury. He advises her to find some activity that will help her to be ‘more expressive’, and she immediately knows what that must be: singing.

After a few singing lessons and workshops, she realises she wants more. She signs up for a jazz school and starts her own jazz combo, doing small gigs.

When she discovers the singing technique ‘Complete Vocal Technique’, she signs up for the 3-year teacher training at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, and becomes an authorised CVT teacher. She starts her singing practice Vocal Freedom in Amsterdam. In 2018 she is ready for the next step and starts writing her own songs. She studies at songwriting Academy LalaLab and in 2019 she starts working with producer Luke Nyman, releasing her first album Inside in 2021.